Do We Resonate With Peace in Afghanistan?

Repatterning Afghanistan – If nations have frequencies with patterns that are both coherent and non-coherent, are we really resonating with peace in Afghanistan?

Some random thoughts floating in my head…

I don’t really understand Afghanistan.
I am very uncomfortable with what I see.
I would like to make a difference.
Everyday, people are dying for this country or cause – why is that? Why won’t it stop?
What can I honestly do?

First of all, I will admit to not being at all well informed on this topic and high on my list is more reading about the nature and problems over there that become hazy news titles over here that I avoid reading.  Last year I was driving along Ontario’s busy highway 401 returning from a family gathering north of Toronto where I live, when I began noticing people lining up over the bridges, trucks and cars pulled over to the side and traffic slowing down. In the dim light of dusk it was an eerie site.  I had no idea what was going on. It turned out to be the  Highway Of Heroes – a space time dimension carved out on one of the worlds busiest highways paying respects that day for 3 Canadian soldiers who died in Afghanistan.  A cavalcade passed me on the highway carrying the caskets towards their final resting ground.

Remembering the soldiers, so many promising young men and women – it is a strange kind of grief I feel when I hear of the next one going down that highway.  Did we throw their lives away for nothing?

I know that we are there as a nation trying to restore order; that the military brass say its a tall order and we can’t leave now. Canada is set to exit its troops in 2011.

There is a peripheral awareness or knowing that western soldiers from everywhere are dying from roadside bombs, and small village attacks. I know it is not just about the western aid and soldiers. Looking at pictures from David Guttenfelder, it is also about regular people who would just like to have a life where things worked out well, where they could reasonably expect their children to do better than themselves in their life time, where women don’t worry about the kids going out to play because of mine fields, where people can trust one another.

Floating into my awareness is a documentary from sometime ago, maybe in the mid 90’s with Barbara Walters revealing how a new social order was turning the clock back for women in Afghanistan. It was increasingly harder to hold posts at the university, or wear western clothes. Why didn’t ‘they’ do something about the problem then? 

Was it on the News Hour recently? The idea that there is a feeling that there is too much corruption in the country for any of our aid to do any good.

This has all come to the light of my day via my recent Twittering experiences.  More than one tweet from Guy Kawasaki and others caught my interest and I explored a bit.  Here are some of the key links that moved me:

A blog article:  

and leading to a download 45 page paper  by Major Jim Grant entitled “On Tribe at a Time”  – found at Steven Pressfield’s blog:

Moving pictures of Afghanistan from Photographer David Guttenfelder
My heart aches just looking at David’ pictures.

The blog post by Steven Kayser on Overcoming Resistance inspired by Jim Gants book  moved me to action at least to do what I can with who I am and what I have by way of tools. Consequently this post.

Tools for Change? – Awareness is everything.  In the scheme of things, I am nobody. That is the part that can feel so hopeless. Other than how I vote, or spend money what other tools do I have? Plenty – locked away in an interior life rich with possibility where as Deepak Chopra says we have infinite potential. This is the area where anyone can create peace and depending on your quest,  a world wide movement.  We just need tools. Here are my tools…

Power Tool #1 – Ghandi’s “be the change you seek in the world”.  Now I have always loved that quote, and interpreted it loosely as ‘walk your talk’. but lately I see it differently. If we examine our life as though it were a part contained in the whole and that changing one part can change the whole – holographically, Ghandi is so amazingly right.  Perhaps looking  at the trending topics of our own day and see how they are mirrored in the issues of Afghanistan and taking corrective action in our own life can leverage the efforts of our troops can create a better outcome personally and globally.  Be the change for Afghanistan when you are driving, negotiating, strategizing, leveraging, talking to the family, making business deals etc. Be the change. Read the news to see if it made a difference.  I know this concept may strike you as strange… but try it just for a day.

Power Tool #2 – Envision the change.  Lynne McTaggart’s book “The Intention Experiment”  explores the science of intention.  Her experiments are incrementally working towards proving how collective thought can change a system. Monks blessing polluted water can change the chemistry of a pond. It’s what I do every day – set intentions. On my ‘to do’ list is 5 minutes of visualizing good outcomes for our efforts in Afghanistan. Knowing what the troops or the country needs will help. Must do more reading here. 

Power Tool # 3- Repattern the change. Now my disclosure is that I do make a living helping others solve problems using Resonance Repatterning. My motivation is that I believe people are innately good, that out of nothing we create our own reality, that what we resonate with is what manifests and that light travels a spiral of consciousness individually and collectively. My thought is to employ this tool and regularly do a repatterning for the situation in Afghanistan. I am starting tonight. Monday November 9th 2009 and will also do a session on Wednesday Remembrance day.  If you know what it means to say “Proxy me in” You are welcomed to join this hologram with me.  It will be the first of many unless the wave we create is so strong, change happens over night and a repatterning is no longer needed.

Be the change, Set an intention and envision an outcome that gives meaning and purpose to those who have given their life to this cause – living or dead, allow a shift to occur for a country that needs to connect with humanity so that our interconnected well-being improves.  If you like the idea of being repatterned to be the change…  just hit reply and declare ‘Proxy me in” my overall intention is repatterning Afghanistan for peace and prosperity.

What are your thoughts? How is the situation in Afghanistan mirrored in the events of your day today? Do you think we can bring about a peaceful new beginning for this ancient far away land?  

Comments welcomed.

With Light and love

Carolyn W.

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