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“How would your life change if your dream or goal manifested? ”   While answering this question may in one way may be like taking the advice of “be careful for what you ask for”  it is in fact a very powerful way to manifest an intention.

When we state an intention in the “what I want is…” tense or perhaps as “What I intend is…”  – we create a bit of distance between ourselves and the outcome we desire.  We can’t feel it in our physical body.   Our nervous system feels the ‘wanting’ but not the real time state of being.  If we can imagine how are life would be tomorrow morning once our intentions manifested feeling the feelings and imagining how our day would change, our energy system tunes into that vibration.  It then attracts that very vibration from our corner of the world wide hologram appearing as a sequence of synchronistic events, people and opportunities.

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Comment: Mindfulness goes from fringes to mainstream, with lessons for those with alternative medicine biases

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach:

Do you resonate with the practice of Mindfulness? Interesting article in today’s news.

Originally posted on National Post | Life:

The trouble with being skeptical about quackish health-care fads is that it’s sometimes easy to throw out the useful baby with the nonsense bathwater. If you’ve spent much time over the years wearily explaining to people that homeopathy doesn’t work, that reiki and reflexology and naturopathy and acupuncture and chiropractic are snake-oil, you become wary. Certain buzzwords act as warning signs; your ears prick up when you hear “natural remedies,” or “Chinese medicine”, or “alternative therapy.” Anything mentioning “ayurvedic” or “chakras” is ruled out immediately.

[np_storybar title="Is meditation the new antidepressant? Mindfulness practice may be more effective than drugs for anxiety, depression" link="http://life.nationalpost.com/2014/01/13/is-meditation-the-new-anti-depressant-mindfulness-practice-may-be-more-effective-than-drugs-for-anxiety-depression/"]
Oh, no. Incense. There’s a juice bar in the lobby and bhangra music playing, too. It feels like I’ve stepped into some kind of space warp. Outside, London. Inside … well, it’s hard to describe. Because, as I step further into the Light Centre, a “natural health”…

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The life of a tree

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach:

Interesting blog i found through my friend Jane Walker

Originally posted on Inspired And Pretty:

Sitting quietly under a tree on a beautiful Summer day, hearing the soft rustling sound of the leaves in the breeze.

Crossing an open field on a bitter cold winter’s day and taking shelter from the harsh cold wind at the edge of the forest.

Admiring birds perching in a nearby tree.

Walking a trail in the woods under a canopy of trees, feeling at peace and united with nature.

Leaning against the trunk of a tree, embracing it and sensing its healing energy flowing in.

What would we do, what would we become without trees ?  We need them to survive much more than we think we do.

One of my favourite scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki wrote, along with writer Wayne Grady, a wonderful book about the life story of a tree, from it’s beginnings as a seed and expanding through the tree’s lifetime.  Suzuki and Grady describe…

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Inspiring post from smashing magazine on paper art

Inspiring post from smashing magazine on paper art

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Book Recommendation

Review of book with videos from TVO and Ted Talk

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Spring Time Photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s been a cold wet spring but I am not complaining too much as the construction at my high rise complex means keeping the windows closed most of the day. Still am looking forward to warmer weather.

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Energize! Subscribers …You are Repatterned

Spring in High Park

Reminder – You are repatterned! for the weeks of May 1-15th (those of you who consciously joined the program of course!)

I am sorry that these reports have not been posted for the last few months as I have been toying with a new format and undecided as to how important it is to post or publish the daily modalities for the Energize program.    Do you find it helpful to know that something was done on your behalf or are you happy to just login to the program site and read the quarterly full repatterning session notes?  Feedback welcomed!

Until my new plan is in place however, here is the most recent report.


 Here is the weekly report for Energize! Subscribers. Everyone is welcomed to join in. Subscribe to the list to have a customized experience of this group repatterning (submitting your issues/intentions for the quarterly repatternings, set your own specific focus for ENERGIZE!, having your customized repatterning quarterly report etc – All Private to You). ALTERNATIVELY, just declare to yourself you have joined this group though I think long distance healing works best if you are conscious and aware you are involved so at the very least subscribe for the RSS feed as a reminder. Your field of energy is included in the hologram as an anonymous subscriber to the degree that you remember and want to still be included in the session. These sessions have been going on daily since May 2000.

Reminder here are the 7 daily life intentions we are repatterning each day with a mini repatterning (healing modality only). The mystical bit is that I do these on behalf of the group in real time when you are NOT here. However, you may repattern yourself for these intentions in virtual time, by just saying them outloud (it’s self affirming) or doing the modality for yourself that I have done on behalf of the group. 

Daily Life Intentions: 

  • I awake refreshed and ready for the day
  • I meditate 15 minutes.
  • I make healthy food choices.
  • I exercise 15 minutes
  • I keep my commitments
  • I relax and sleep soundly
  • I appreciate 3 good things that happened for me today.

Overall Intention for the Summer Solstice repatterning June 21st and for the summer season: “I nurture my relationships. “

Here are the healing modalities done as part of the daily mini session for the Energize group for the last 7 days- this week. We used the sound healing modality of planetary tuning forks.  Chloe Wordsworth writes…”Sound is one of the most powerful modalities for entraining non-coherent wave patterns.  Using a tuning fork establishes sympathetic resonance with the same frequencies in your own field.”   (From modalities for Transforming Resonance Patterns) .  

The tuning forks may be used in a variety of ways to shift energy. This past week, I simply struck the fork and listened to the sound for about 30 seconds

  • May 1st Neptune Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 2nd Moon Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 3rd Uranus Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 4th Neptune Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 5th Uranus Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 6th earth Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 7th  Saturn  Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 8th Neptune Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 9th Neptune Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 10th uranus Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 11th Neptune Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 12th Jupiter Planetary Tuning fork
  • May t Neptune Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 14th Pluto Planetary Tuning fork
  • May 15th Aroma oil – Basil

Notes – The modalities used are found in the Resonance Repatterning system as taught by Chloe Wordsworth 

Not signed up yet? We’d love to have you join the group.  Find out more here:

 Have a great week!



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